Pallet, pallet collar and lid - economical and environmentally friendly.

When your company needs to protect and package goods that are to be transported, pallets, pallet collars and lids are a highly efficient and economical solution.

Quick and light
Pallet collars are automatically self-locating to the pallet and each other.

Incremental construction optimizes space. Build to your required height and remove one by one as goods are taken out.

You save

reusable time after time collapsible for return shipping prevent produts damage maximum utilization of your work force

build a crate in minutes, not hours easy to pack, build up as you load

The environment
returnable and reusable long life span, Swedish auto industry reports average of 15 years made from managed forest

folds flat for storage and transport loaded crates can be stacked racking system not required

no carpentry, special tools or power required reduces back injury, eliminates bending over a fixed crate

Pallet collars

The way you want them

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The perfect load carrier.

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Lids and interlays are available in different materials and sizes.

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